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Six Sigma Green Belt

Six Sigma Green Belt

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This course is suitable for lean practitioners, six sigma stakeholders, champions, change agents and support staff who require a basic understanding of the Lean Six Sigma methodology and the potential business benefits for introducing or maintaining a Lean Six Sigma programme. This course is a 10 day duration providing the delegate with a broad understanding of the Lean Six Sigma methodology and introducing the basic tools and techniques enabling the delegate to fully participate in a Lean Six Sigma project team. This would be typically attended by support staff, technicians, supervisors and/or team leaders.


• Introduction to Six Sigma Tools

• Lean Enterprise Tools: 5S, Waste, Kaizen, Visual Management, Value Stream Mapping

• Voice of the Customer Determining customer requirements

• Voice of the Business Understanding the Process and Process Variation

• Fundamentals of data collection Importance of data categorisation

• Types of measurement Counting, Appraising (Attribute) and Measuring (Continuous), Using data collection and sampling, Understanding graphical data, trends and patterns

• Importance of holding the gains Consolidating, documenting, implementing and sustaining the improved process control

• Team Tools for problem solving Brainstorming, 5 Whys, Affinity Diagrams, Fishbone Diagram

• Process Improvement Collating, sorting and selecting ideas for process improvement and problem resolution, tools for generating possible solutions


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