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FMEA Fourth Edition Overview Online Training

FMEA Fourth Edition Overview Online Training


The best and most complete Web Based Training for FMEA anywhere…. This is no small FMEA class. FMEA Fourth Edition contains over 120 pages of content with audio files (bigger than some books, and more interesting) describing key elements of FMEA Preparation, Development and Action Follow-up. This course has been updated to include the new changes to the AIAG FMEA manual.

This WBT provides in-depth discussion of each FMEA Column in the process including audio, video and animated explanation of key elements. Developed by some of the most aggressive and talented consultants in the industry, this WBT is integral to improving your Quality Process.

This interactive and activity-driven training includes a full description of Design FMEA at the system, sub-system and component levels. Also covered are special characteristics classifications and how to nominate them for process special controls, and the characteristic matrix, a very important tool for cascading special sharacteristics from the Design FMEA to the Process FMEA. The relationships of Design FMEA to test planning as well as Process FMEA to control planning are discussed.

We are certain that the training contained inside this Web based course will prepare you for preparing, understanding and optimizing your FMEA Development.

List of Topics:

  • What is an FMEA?
  • How is it used?
  • Benefits of FMEA
  • Types of FMEA
  • System, system, component development
  • Boundary Diagram
  • P Diagram
  • FMEA Development
  • Action Follow-up
  • Test Planning Impacts
  • Special Characteristics
  • Characteristics Matrix
  • Process FMEA
  • Control Plans
  • Facilitation tricks
  • And Much More

FMEA WBT features include:

  • Normally Recognized FMEA Tools
  • Printable Examples
  • PDF Worksheets
  • Color "Take-Away" Reference Cards
  • Homework Assignments
  • Audio Files

Training Duration and Time Frame

  • This WBT takes an average of 4-6 hours to complete (may increase if all illustrations and examples are viewed).
  • There is a 90-day window for course completion once registered.


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