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Lean manufacturing is a management philosophy focusing on reduction of the seven wastes (over-production, waiting time, transportation, processing, inventory, motion and scrap) in manufactured products or any type of business. By eliminating waste quality is improved, production time is reduced and cost is reduced.  Lean "tools" include constant process analysis and improvement (kaizen) "pull" production (by means of kanban) and error-proofing (poka yoke). Lean, as a management philosophy, is also very focused on creating a better workplace - (5S).


The key lean principles are:

  • First-time quality –detecting and solving problems at the source
  • Waste elimination – eliminating all activities that do not add value,
  • Continuous improvement – reducing costs, improving quality, increasing productivity and information sharing
  • Pull processing: products are pulled from the consumer end, not pushed from the production end
  • Flexibility – producing different mixes or greater diversity of products quickly, without sacrificing efficiency at lower volumes of production
  • Building and maintaining a long term relationship with suppliers through collaborative risk sharing, cost sharing and information sharing arrangements.


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