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8D Problem Solving

8D Problem Solving

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8D problem solving is an 8 step process for to investigate and identify the root cause of a concern, identify robust solutions to stop re-occurrence.

  • D0 - Planning and Emergency Containment Actions
  • D1 – Establish the Team
  • D2 - Define the Problem
  • D3 - Interim Containment Actions
  • D4 - Root Causes
  • D5 - Select the Permanent Corrective Actions
  • D6 - Implement Permanent Corrective Actions
  • D7 - Preventive Actions
  • D8 - Team Recognise and Closure

As the 8D problem solving techniques can form an integral part of APQP activities and become a core business continual improvement tool. This course will benefit:

Senior Managers with responsibility for sales, design, technical, production and quality.
Senior and line management who are responsible for creating and or implementing IATF 16949 requirements.
Engineers and technicians who can apply 8D problem solving techniques.


  • The 8D concept
  • Applying 8D techniques
  • Benefits of 8D techniques
  • Applying 8D principles
  • Utilising 8D solutions
  • Links with Product Realisation and APQP
  • 8D investigative analysis
  • Effective use of problem solving
  • Adapting concepts for everyday activities

Duration - 1 day / 2 days

A 2 day course will enable the 8D process to be applied to the organisation's own/live problems.

In house delivery only.




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