Terms & Conditions

These terms and conditions cannot be superseded or altered in any way by any other terms and conditions unless specifically agreed to in writing by a Director QUALATIS.


Bookings are taken in the order that they are received and confirmed bookings take priority over provisional bookings.  Bookings must be made as described below.


You can make provisional bookings on any of our public courses, providing that there are places available. Provisional bookings are normally held for a maximum of 10 working days, allowing you time to confirm your bookings.


We require you to confirm your bookings through payment or a purchase order

We will normally send you written confirmation within five days of receiving your confirmation. Full joining instructions will normally be sent approximately 14 days in advance of the course start date.


Payment must be received in advance of the start of the training course, unless specifically agreed otherwise in writing with QUALATIS.
Where an invoice is issued by QUALATIS, either alone or in connection with a purchase order, payment is due by return. We will allow up to 30 days for processing but payment must be received before the start of the training, therefore it is essential to consider this when issuing purchase orders.
Payment can be made by Debit or credit card, Electronic bank transfer (e.g. BACS) or by Cheque

Invoices shall be paid in full with no deductions for any taxes, currency exchange rates or any other charges.  The customer is responsible for any local taxes, bank charges and any other associated costs.  By agreeing to these Terms and Conditions you are confirming your agreement to pay for the training courses and/or other services in full.


Notification of transfers or cancellations must be made in writing and received by QUALATIS within the timescales noted below.


We understand that sometimes a nominated person may be unable to attend a course therefore substitutes are allowed up to commencement of the course.


After you confirm a place we frequently refuse other bookings for that place. Therefore we cannot accept cancellations for any reason less than 21 days in advance of the start date of the training. Cancellations made 21 days or less from the start date of the training will incur the full cost of the training, including any expenses.

Cancellations made more than 21 days in advance of the start date of the training will incur a £50+VAT administration fee.  Delegates failing to arrive for the training or leaving the training during the course will incur the full cost of the training, including any expenses.

Any discounts are applicable only as specifically agreed and where all of the conditions are met in full. If these are not met then the fees charged will revert to the normal full fees applicable at the time.

We endeavor always to run the courses as scheduled. However, on occasions and due to circumstances beyond our control we may have to change the venue, location or dates at any time and without prior notice from that published.  In these cases should you wish to cancel your booking we will of course make a full refund of the course fee or offer alternative dates/venues. We understand how frustrating this can be for you and will only do this when it is absolutely necessary, but reserve the right to do this.


Transfers can be made up to 21 days before the start of the course.  Transfers must be to the same course, are subject to availability of places and must be within 6 months of the initial booking.  Requests for transfer must be received in writing and are effective from the date we receive the written request.  Transfers will incur an administration fee of £50+VAT.  You will be liable for any costs incurred for travel, accommodation, training venue and training materials.


QUALATIS will provide the training course, training materials, transport and accommodation for the tutor at locations within the UK. Courses at venues outside the UK will be subject to a separate agreement. The customer is responsible for providing a suitable training venue and any other associated costs such as travel, accommodation and refreshments for delegates attending the course.

Cancellations or change of course dates for in house courses cannot be accepted less that 21 days before the start date of a course.  Cancellation less than 21 days before the start date will incur the full cost of the course.


Certificates are normally issued within 4 weeks following the completion of a training course, but may take longer.  Certificates issued by another organisation, e.g. a Course Registration Body, are outside of the control of QUALATIS and will be issued on receipt into QUALATIS. No Certificates will be issued until full payment has been received by QUALATIS.


Cancellation by QUALATIS
Liability for a course cancelled by QUALATIS is limited to the provision of a further training course or a refund of the course fee. QUALATIS are not liable for any consequential loss or costs associated with the cancellation of the training course.


All intellectual property rights and copyrights on knowledge, concepts and materials belong to and will remain the property of QUALATIS.  You are not allowed to:

  • Copy, merge, adapt, vary, modify or distribute the training materials or documentation
  • Use the training materials or documentation for the purposes of any training or awareness internally within your organisation or externally


Where the customer fails to comply with these terms and conditions QUALATIS withhold the right to charge all costs incurred with the administration of related activities.


Where the customer fails to comply with these terms and conditions QUALATIS withhold the right to charge interest and any additional costs incurred with finance relating to payments overdue.

Certificates for training courses will not be issued until full payment has been received by QUALATIS.

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