In Company Training

We will come to you!

The in company training can be more cost effective when you have more than 3 people to train compared to public training courses.  Further more you do not necessarily have the cost of hiring training room if you have a suitable room on site.  The best set-up for training is for a 'U' shaped layout with TV screen or projector.

Training in the work place can have some disadvantages of interruptions but there are many other benefits:

  • Team Building: Improve relationships within the business; group interaction reinforces learning and professional growth.
  • Less employee travel time – saves money too!
  • Live Auditing: The internal and lead auditor training courses can include live auditing of company processes under the guidance of the expert tutor.  These audits if followed through may also be able to utilised towards completing the internal audit programme.
  • In company courses can also be tailored to suit your own business processes and documentation.
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