Internal Audits

ISO 9001 requires that you conduct internal audits at planned intervals and unfortunately many organisations fail to do this and end up with an all too common nonconformity.  We recognise that you are busy with the day to day running of your business and sometimes auditing slips down the priority list.  QUALATIS can assist in your audit programme, wither by taking on your annual audit programme or just completing a few audits.

Gap Analysis

A gap analysis will determine how well and to what degree your Management System aligns with the requirements of the applicable Standard.   Before you undergo a Certification Audit or when you have made significant changes to your system, many organisations find it far less stressful to have their system reviewed by a professional prior to having the actual certification auditor assessing it.

The gap analysis is conducted by professional certification auditors and will provide you with valuable feedback about the requirements of ISO 9001 at the same time.  This approach is likely to save a lot of time and money by focusing on those things that really need doing.

If the results of the review are satisfactory, this will give your staff peace of mind and if there are areas that require improvement, these can be made before the formal assessment.

QUALATIS can conduct this type of gap analysis prior to a certification or re-certification audit.

Following the Gap analysis we will provide a detailed written report that explains the findings and identifies nonconformities and opportunities for improvement.

Certification Audits

Whilst QUALATIS work with a number of certification bodies, we cannot conduct certification audits directly.  We are, however, able to offer guidance for suitable accredited certification bodies for your business.

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