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QUALATIS can play a valuable role in your business, consultants have the advantage of being immune from internal politics and thus can be objective.  Our auditors been qualified by IATF for certification audits and specialists in management systems development, performance improvement and the certification process.

gap analysis

If your company is aiming for third party certification to ISO/TS 16949 and you need an objective assessment of your organisation where you comply and where the gaps are. We work with ISO/TS 16949 all the time and we can help you identify those gaps quickly so you can more easily scope the development project and estimate the time scales and costs that certification will entail.

Management Systems Development and Certification

When it comes to certification projects we find that many people take a sledgehammer to crack a nut. In some ways it’s understandable; nobody likes to fail their assessment so sometimes procedures are created to be “on the safe side”. The problem is that once all those procedures are written they tend to stay, clogging up the system, and increasing the document control burden on the company. We don’t work like that, we’ll help you identify not only what you need, but also what you don’t. We’ll help you develop a user-friendly system that people can actually understand and use. Everyone that we have helped in this way over the years has achieved successful certification first time.


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